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April 2014 – On location NYC

I have not settled on this as the final post processed image, but this is what I am going for. This is a true HDR merged with photoshops Merge to HDR pro. I am relatively happy with the tone mapping, but the color appears a touch too yellow for me taste. It also seems to matter a lot what mood im in. I am going to attempt to get the same dynamic range with a photo exposure stack using the layers blending options in photoshop.

I won’t call this the final product, but you get the idea. I am relatively happy with the composition and this shot works well for both large prints and square format prints.

Let me know what you think.

Since I am feeling lazy today you don’t get the step by step. If you want it – comment in the comments section below and I will follow up with a post on the full process involved.

central park 1

I have also included an exposure stack of the image I had original chosen when I was exploring NYC looking for a location.
I think it turned out kinda cool, but it is missing a story, some sort of hook to connect me with that time and place.

sunrise central park

Finally I have included one of the shots from sunset over new york. What a cool moment.

I will almost certainly make a print of this for my own purposes. The top of the rock observatory prevents commercial photography so unlike my other prints this one will not be for sale.
If you are desperate to get your hands on it for some reason we can work something out.

sunset nyc

April 2014 – New York Post processing

I have included some low res test shots right out of camera for you to see.

The sunrise in central park requires a dynamic range I simply could not get with a single shot.

I like the composition of the tower with the rock and trees in the foreground less at sunrise then I did the previous night and the sun rose much further north than I had expected so the light cast hard shadows in places that I was hoping would be highlighted.

As a result the one shot this month that I will concentrate on is the trees backlit by the sun.

I also go some great shots from the rooftop observatory which we planned very much to be there for sunset and were greeted with almost perfect conditions, so this project has payed huge dividends already for me.

Careful planning and setup is key to getting it right in camera, and I will only need to do some exposure blending and sharpening to get the final products I am looking for for these pictures.

It is nice not to have to rely on software to get a good image. I’ll say that a different way. Get it right in camera and let the software do softwarelike stuff (ie. Panorama stitching – dust removal etc.)

Hope you enjoy these sample images.

I hope to post the final product this week.



April 2014 – Sometimes you win…

…and sometimes you win twice.  Yesterday was a phenomenal day in nyc.  I started at 545 am with a slow trudge through morning routine and a brisk hike to the park to set up for the morning.  I will admit I got lost.  I could not find the location I had picked the night before. 
After a 15 wonder through the southern end of central park I found the location.  After watching the early morning light peak over the tops of the buildings I soon realized that the sun was much further north on the horizon than I had anticipated.  I quickly repositioned and shot a number of shots which were better than I had hoped based on the light.  After half an hour I decided to wander.  I was rewarded with more scenic well lit and picturesque scenes than I could have imagined in the dark the night before.  Win 1.

Win 2 came almost 12 hours later when we ascended 68 floors to the top of the rock observation deck.  While disappointed that the view of the chrysler building was skewed from our vantage point the views were still breathtaking.   We arrived at the perfect time.  The sun was going down and the sky was clear.  I could not have asked for a better photo shooting day.  I am posting a sample from my smartphone, but I promise once I get bavk to Canada I will share the edited images from my d800e.
An excellent plan came together and I had the chance to marvel at the work of man and of God simultaneously.   What a rewarding day and I now have the photos to share the experience with family friends and many others who have loved the experience and this city.