2015 project

This year is going to be great!  At least for now im optimistic.  I am excited to announce my 2015 and possibly 2016 project. 
I intend to write a story, storyboard it (hopefully with my wifes help), film it and write a song for it.  The final product will be a something like a music video. 

I don’t want to fill in too many details but I hope you can join me on an adventure.  Using my photography skills I intend to film and edit a video that tells a story without scripted actors and without spoken lines just the music and lyrics to amplify the overall message. 

The theme: life to the fullest. 

I owe a lot of inspiration for this project to other artists.  I have been inspired and challenged by the book “A day in the world.”  It has been a wonderful coffee table piece and some of the images of life on earth have broken my heart made me laugh and challenged me to love everyday to the fullest with joy generosity and love. 

I am far from perfect but recently I have been encouraged by music, scripture and the words of those around me that the horror of a breaking heart makes way for the joy of a healing one (shout out to Snow Patrol and their album “fallen empires”).  In the Bible Jesus promises that He came to bring life and life to the fullest.  I know religion has taken a lot of criticism in general and even in my own heart I have been skeptical that it makes a difference in our world (at least I struggle to see a positive difference), but lately I have stared to excited by my place as a father husband and friend and have started to take joy in life.  This Earth is an amazing place and my 2015 project seeks to take a look at what that means.  The sadness, the pain, the joy and ultimately the life we have.

I call it “To the fullest”


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