Sept 2014 – that one time I remembered all the details…

Doing a photoshoot where other people are involved and create direct dependancies creates layers of complexity.  Just the task of organizing more than one schedule means I can’t simply shoot when I have time or good light or my camera.  It takes coordination, patience and time.  Hats off to the pro photogs that deal with this on a semi weekly basis. 

As I have tried to coordinate multiple photoshoots with a model I continue to run into issues I was not prepared to address.  Wardrobe make up additional lighting modifiers.   All will have significant impacts on the final image and yet I had completely overlooked all of them.  If I wanted to do this well I would have someone for wardrobe and a changing booth l, a stylist and a meeting with the model and test session ahead of schedule (until I was comfortable with the team and the process).  That is a lot to fit into my life right now with school kids and work all competing agressively for my time.  Long story short there is going to end up being a lot more “winging it” than I had anticipated.   I will have to work with the styles and wardrobe chosen and available to the models themselves. 

I am really happy that a few people responded to my ad and desperate plea for help.  I am not even sure how to coordinate multiple models as I would like to try and complete one day of shooting with more than one model just to try and maximize my chances of success. 

The other impact I failed to address is the relational.  Working with another live person requires a certain level of comfort which for me is difficult to establish with a complete stranger.  Couple that with the natural distance created by hiding behind a camera and you get real challenges try to achieve natural and expressive facial expressions.

I guess if the weather holds some of these unknowns will be answered tomorrow.  Looking forward to it….maybe?

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