August 2014 – Uninspired or timid.

I have been sitting on a storyboard for almost a year now.  Having just returned from a refreshing vacation I haf thought inspiration would come a little more freely.  That doesn’t seem to be the case…at least not at the present moment.  I have absolutely no ideas for this months shoot.  Absolutely none except for the one I have had for a year. 

I am a little unwilling to shoot it.  First because I have such a clear idea of what I want it too look like that I am afraid my own expectations will ruin the creative process.  Secondly I lack the lense I really need to pull it off (a 24mm wide angle)  and lastly I have no idea who I can use for a model.

So the real question becomes is this something I am willing to try to do in the next 20 days. 

I think perhaps I am better off waiting for september. 

If you have any ideas for photos you are willing to share.  Please leave a comment.  I am always open to suggestions.  For now you will have yo pacify yourself with this shot from my vacation in yellowstone. 


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