July 2014 – CRAP a DIME

I don’t know why my wife and I think we are funny, but we have a running joke that centers around the phrase crap-a-dime.  It isn’t even really that funny to us.  Without fail, as soon as someone uses the all to cliche tag line carpe diem (seize the day), one of us chimes in “don’t crap a dime” or “yeah this day is dropping dimes all over the place” or more to the point, simply, “crap a dime!”

I have a point.  Today I failed to make the most of an opportunity that I consider painfully rare.  I’m not sad about spending time with my neice and nephews from out of town, or about taking the time to put my kids to bed or putting the finishing touches on some post processing, but I still should have taken a second to run across the street grabbed my camera and taken some shots in the golden light. 

Town has been covered in smoke all day (maybe from a grass fire idk) and the sun was trying to shine as it set.  The combination created a beautiful soft light with rich colors and a warm highlight that was not too bright.  I couldn’t ask for better catch lights. 

I acted not.

And so this post contains all of the pictures I took using the rarest most beautiful light I have seen to date.  Yup 0  none nada….crap a dime!

Don’t forget.

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