April 2014 – On Location

After less than 24 hours since my plane touched down in NY I visited more than 100 locations for a planned shoot.  Cathedrals grand central, landmarks like the statue of liberty and one world trade center, subways, delis, backstreets and even the library have all been visited in an attempt to find the perfect location.  Tonight I think I found it.  Central park presents a wide open space to lower the angle of the building tops and the ground which is helpful since I have a 50mm prime lense in tow. 
I plan to shoot at sunrise and tomorrow despite the forecast late in the day being for rain and cloud the clear sky tonight should hold long enough to give a spectacular view with the early light casting color in both the sky and surrounding buildings.  I found a pathway at the southern edge of the park with excellent views of both the eastern and western midtown skylines.

If the light cooperates I have some test shots from tonight that suggest I will get some excellent exposures tomorrow. 
I dont want to ruin the suprise but I have a pretty good idea of the composition and know where I will attempt to set up at arount 545 am tomorrow. 

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