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April 2014 – On location

I have done tons of travel photography but this months image will be a bit of a challenge.   Scout a location plan a time to setup and shoot and take a picture that is publication worthy in 1 week.  The idea is not to just grab a good image in the moment – although I’m definitely going to- but to actually plan every aspect of the shoot.
I am heading to a conference in ny for the first week of April.  This gives me the opportunity to shoot one of the most famous cities of recent history.   I think it will be an editorial and experiential challenge but im up for it.  I’ll keep you posted.


March 2014 – Motion

March 2014 - Motion

March 2014 photo project. Motion.

March 2014 – motion and popcorn!

Who doesnt like popcorn?  My plan is to create a plain with unpopped kernels then shoot the kernels popping with long and very short shutter hopefully I can capture a kernel actually popping.  Then with all three images overlayed present the result.  Almost like a product shot for orville reddenbacker.  How do you spell that?  I plan to shoot this weekend.  I’m gone the following weekend.  What happened to March?

March 2014 – motion

This next 3 months is going to be crazy between weddings speaking engagements and working full time I’m barely going to see my family.  This months theme comes from that ever present need to run …trying to beat the clock.  Being in constant motion.
My speedlights never did arrive and I’m busy chasing the seller and paypal to find out what happened and try to get my money back.  Not having speedlights will make my concept very difficult.  I wanted to do a three stage composite one with still life one with blurred motion and one with obvious motion frozen in time and present all three side by side or layered.  Without the speed control of my new speedlights its going to be a challenge. 
Perhaps it will take that much more creativity.

Wish me luck.  Here we go again.