Feb 2014 – When it happens…it happens

I’m happy with it.  I didn’t burn down my house.

I was thinking man I’d like the ice to be in focus more, but then I realized my face had to be back from the flames and if I had to choose a focal plane my face in focus is the best option.  Plus then the ice and fire are an accent to the portrait.

I like how the black matte painted peg board worked for the backdrop.  A larger softbox would have made a more dramatic backlight effect, but man I got all this in camera and with fire you only really get one shot to nail it.

Post processing consisted of a slight white balance correction (the flames really made this one quite a bit orange) and a slight boost in clarity and I recovered the whites of the ice a little bit.


This was shot with a self timer and I had to guess where I would be in the frame… yeah… yeah it did!

I’m happy.  I hope you are inspired – now go try this (safely) and share your results.


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