Feb 2014-Ice making

I wanted the ice to be crystal clear.  I read several tutorials online and watched a few videos.  Several key factors were obvious.  1. The water needs to be as pure as possible. 2.  The process of freezing must be slow.

I also remembered a documentary where they needed to make clear ice and vibrated the water as it was freezing to get the temperature as low as possible before it turned solid.

I decided to make ice in a cooler I had.  I added some smaller containers to try and get some different shaped blocks.  I flooded the entire cooler with distilled water.   I added several drops of blue dye thinking that would help make the ice a more blue color.


The beard trimmer was to buzz and prevent the surface from freezing but it didn’t last more than 6 hours.  I concluded its value was minimal.

This is what it looked like before it went to the freezer


After 2 days the block was still not fully frozen.  I noticed the dye seemed to be concentrated in the area that did not freeze.
I decided to pull the block out.  After I got the block out of the cooler I realized it would have been awesome as is without the containers.

I decided to cut the block and pull out the containers.  I found a few surprises.


Some perfectly clear well formed shapes.  I think this will work very well.

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