Feb 2014 – Fire

Fire!  I have been fascinated by fire since I was a kid.  The brightness the color the heat, even the power and the unpredictable nature of it. 


I wanted the fire to be red.  This can be accomplished by adding lithium metal to the flame.  Unfortunately lithium is not readily or easily available.  There are different types of inks and pigments used in print that can achieve red also but finding them in concentration without other contaminants is difficult.

After a bit of debate I settled on a bright white additive magnesium sulphate also known as epsom salts. 
The main fire source is rubbing alcohol.  I chose this as it easily dilutes with water has a low burning temperature and is complete clear which will help contribute to the illusion of the ice being on fire. 

All I have to do is dissolve the salt in the alcohol.  About 1tsp per 100ml. 


I think the results speak for themselves.

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