January 2014 – shoot day

My wife did a great job of making me a snake that I can use to cast a shadow.  I made the projection box for my flask to project the cross and then proceeded to set up the shot in my make shift studio.  The weather has been nice so photography has taken a backseat to all the other activities of the day, but I still took some time to get everything set up and shoot the first test shots. 

You can see part of the setup below. 

I’ll try and post some of the test shots later.  I’m feeling uncertain about them at best, but admittedly am feeling like photography is pretty unimportant.  A friend of mine is in paliative care right now so our hearts and prayers are with him. 

In all things to God be glory…thats even the reminder in the symbols of this months picture.  Can’t forget that.  Ever.

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