January 2014 – new resolve

I discovered today that problems often have more than one solution.  Duh… but this time I lived it.  All this time ive been upset about not getting my speedlights in time etc. 
There are other sources of light and in a still life image like this a speedlight might not be necessary.

Tomorrow I set up for my first shoot.  One remote triggered speedlight.  One lamp to cast a conical light behind the subject and one constant light projecting the shadow.  I think I will use a one watt led flashlight both for light output and projection.  The white balance might be a trick but I think with some gels and desaturation I just might be able to get the dramatic effect.

And good news on the subject front.  I chose one.  A glass of wine.  Oh I know its been done but it contributes to the symbolism.   Wine representing jesus blood in communion.  Alcohol sometimes referred to as the devils juice.  The historic political social religious conflict of abolisionism.  Its all there. 

I’m pretty excited.  Maybe you can tell.  Maybe you’ll be more excited when I have something to show.  Expect the first test images Saturday.  Until then.  Keep looking.  Keep shooting…

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